02 December, 2014

Starting to love her

Hello :)
As you (must) know by now, I love my brother. And I'm so proud of him. All the time! But there are times when I get even more proud of him, happier for his accomplishments. Today is one of those days. He finished college. He literally nailed it! Even if it wasn't my brother, I could not believe that was only a student. He was so professional, so smart! I can't express how happy I am today. There's literally nothing else on my mind all day. This is huge! If you think I'm over exaggerating, you're wrong! Or you don't have a sibling... Anyhow, today was an awesome day! But I started this with something that amazed me today. His girlfriend was also there, of course. And she did something that made me start to love her. (I'm only starting. She has to earn my love to give her my brother. :D) When the ceremony was over, everybody wanted to congratulate him. And she made me be the first one! It's really a small thing, but this was really nice of her. First, she was closer to him, and second, girlfriends usually run first. She's not like that. And this small thing she did kinda made my day complete. Thank you Mimi. I don't know how will I act if I ever get a boyfriend, but, for now, blood comes first. My brother and be are connected with blood, but also with something much more stronger - unconditional love! As they say, men/women come and go, but friends/family stay. I hope this one won't go, but even if she does, I'll still be here. Always and forever. No matter what. And that's why this act by Mimi made me like her more than ever.
Remember that the little stuff you sometimes don't even acknowledge can make somebody's whole day. One sentence can change everything they think about you. It just has to be the right one...
With these happy and optimistic thoughts, I leave you...
Bye bye
Pride. Love.

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