02 September, 2014

GG review: The Van Der Woodsen's

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Serena. Eric. Lily. Those are the main members of this family but we also connect William, Serena and Eric's father, and the whole Rhodes family to them. The Van Der Woodsen family is one of the wealthiest families in Manhattan. They are rich, powerful, well-known and are trying to keep their reputation at the high level. At the first look, there isn't anything that family can't do or have. But the reality is different. Every member has some secret that's pulling them to the bottom. Being raised in such world, Eric and Serena learned from early ages how to manipulate for what they want. Lily tried her best to raise them without that but having her own problematic past and family, they had no chance.
  1. Lily. Head of the family since she divorced her husband Will. Personally, she's one of my favorite characters. She's always classy, everything is well-put together on her and around her. She does everything to protect her family and to keep the peace around them all. Always very elegant and everything she does, she does with a smile on her face. One of the strongest and most stable persons there. And those moves... I loved how elegant she was while doing something regular and on daily basis like putting on her glasses or tucking her hair behind her ears... (No, I'm not in love with her.)
  2. Eric. Not so interesting character but he really fits in the family. Being different and a little bit nicer than other people there, he's trying to get away form all the drama and games his friends and family enjoy to plan. Nice try Eric, but even you fell under that pressure in the end.
  3. Serena. Of course, the most important member of the big Van Der Woodsen family. Every girl wanted to be the "it" girl like her. No wonder when she is stylish, smart, beautiful and very opened to everyone and everything. She goes after what she wants and that's why people like her. That shyness she sometimes shows with the guys is the cutest and that makes her even more desirable. She was the first one (if you don't count Lily) to accept the poor Humphrey's family member - Dan. She showed them all that money isn't important. Soul is. And love. She had everything I want: beauty, money, courage, power, boyfriend/love (Nate in my case)...
P.S. This is my favorite look from Serena. It was all white party if I'm not mistaking.
Serena, Eric and Lily.

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