21 September, 2014

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Hello :)
I've been looking at my old profile pictures on Facebook just a few minutes ago and I saw a big difference between then and now. I don't know exactly what changed but I don't get any comments anymore. Don't get me wrong. I'm not some kind of attention freak and I really don't need everybody's confirmation, especially not for a profile picture. If I already put it there, it's kinda obvious that I like it. But I've seen that I have tons of great comments on the previous pictures. It's always great to hear something nice about yourself. We'll say that "like" is also a sign of approval and proof that somebody actually likes what they see. Now, what I don't get is what changed... In my humble opinion, I'm prettier now than I was two, four or more years ago. That's maybe the only reason I started this. And then I looked at myself. I too usually only "like" pictures, but I almost always comment on pictures of my dear or best friends. I usually like them all, but I honestly think that all my friends are beautiful so I don't mind saying it. And I kinda imagine the expression on their faces when they read something like: "You're beautiful!" I mean, I would probably smile from ear to ear. And I used to do it, while back when I was getting comments like that. As I said before, I won't die because people don't comment or like my pictures, but I'm just curious what has changed over the years... Of course, I like watching my old profile pictures for one more reason. Other than seeing "pretty, nice, cute, beautiful" on the right side of the picture, some of those comments are written by people I used to love and hang all the time with. I don't even talk to these people anymore. There weren't any fights, we just grew apart. And that's why I like, from time to time, open my album, list all the pictures and read something that will remind me of what I used to have. I'm not blaming anybody for it. They changed, I changed I guess, school lead us in different ways... That's how it goes. Anyhow, people comment! Not because people are egoistic or attention freaks, but because it's always nice and great to read something good, a compliment.
Goodbye everyone
Comments. Comments everywhere.

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  1. Anonymous24/9/14 22:34

    talking to you on the phone right now ;)