27 September, 2014

Cheap presents

Hello :)
I've been thinking today why do people get offended if they get a cheap present. It's still a present. And if it's good, what's the problem? We have few web sites in our country which provide cheaper services. You can get sometimes more than 60% off if you find the right offer on it. And there are various offers: from hairdressers, through ski vacations, to painting your room. I personally think that who ever thought of this is a freaking genius. They get more publicity and customers, therefore more money, and people get everything they want in a cheaper version. And now people get offended if they get something from one of those sites. And I don't get it. If you want to give me a full treatment at the hair salon, I won't mind if you pay $50 or $20. I would actually be happier if you could get it cheaper. I've heard few people talking about Christmas presents and they are only praying that they don't get anything from those sites. Seriously? If you like the present, you should like it no matter what the price tag says. Right? I guess people think that if you get them something cheap, you don't like/love them enough. Which I think is a total bullshit (sorry for the expression). Of course we all like to get big and great presents, but I am almost equally happy if I get a chocolate or a new bag for example. It's the thought that counts. It really is. When it comes to presents, don't ever forget this! I started this because I have a feeling that I could actually get something from these sites, so I wanted to emphasize that there's nothing wrong in paying less for the same thing. I once took my friends to lunch to a restaurant (a pretty fancy one if I may add) but we bought an offer from one of these sites. And we had a great time. There was no awkwardness or anything like that. We agreed on this and, if anything, everybody was happy to pay less. More and more I see people buying something like this because it just makes more sense.
"Accept every present like it's made of gold."
Mini present...

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