07 September, 2014

Time of the year: Need money

Hi. I'm back.
It's that time of the year when I need more money. I was planning on working this month so I could earn about $500 but the company has two bosses. One was thrilled with me and said that they need someone for the job. Unfortunately, the other one found out about it two days later and they fired me. This is not actually important for the story but I wanted to emphasize that I really tried to earn my own money because I want lots of things and I'm uncomfortable with asking my mom every day for something. I do that because I don't have any incomes, but I really ask only for the necessary stuff. Anyhow, I made a list of everything I want, preferably in this month. I would need $700, if I remove something it would get to $600. It's whole lot of money, but these are the stuff I really need or want for a really really long time. I'm not counting all my accessories and stupid little things that I buy every day. That's why I was really looking forward to this paycheck. On this list I have: a visit to dentist (I want to whiten my teeth), pierced ears, a radio and a CD player, winter jacket, boots... And now, if I ask my mother she will be a bit upset but she'll give up eventually. But I don't want that. And there's my aunt that likes to buy me stuff and she's looking for my birthday or Christmas present so I could ask her for something smaller. And there's my (the best) brother that is also very generous, with a big paycheck... And I don't feel right taking their money often anymore. What to do? I made this list on the clean big sheet of paper so everybody could see it. Maybe I'll get something for my birthday. That's my only hope. I kinda hate autumn and spring (that's my favorite season) just for this reason. I need change of clothes and shoes. Don't get me wrong, I don't buy boots and jackets every year. But it really turned out badly this year and I have to buy everything at once. I hate it. Any advice? I'm going to give up all things I don't really need right now, but all of it will come sooner or later. 
I hope you have less money problems. Stay well, bye :)
Empty piggy bank :(

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