09 September, 2014

It's not PMS!!

As you can guess by the title, I'm pissed, annoyed, angry and a bit sad. And it's not because of PMS. Let me tell you a bit about my day. So, I went to the grocery shop with my mom in the morning. As we were going home, I reminded her about our trip to the mall when we get home. I told her yesterday about it. She didn't agree but she didn't disagree either. So I just brought that up to see if she made up her mind. She said OK. I left out that the mall is half an hour by car from my home. So I could have used the ride too, but there's a free bus, so I won't make such a big deal out of it. When we got home, she went to sleep because she worked the night shift. After few hours, when she woke up, she suggested that we go to the mall herself. But not immediately because she was hungry and wanted to have some lunch. Fine, I can wait for an half or a full hour more. And I did. Two hours. Then I started getting ready. She didn't move from the couch. Ten minutes before the time that our bus leaves, she's still not ready. Why? She decided not to go. Seriously? She couldn't have said anything earlier? The problem is that she always does it. She says we'll go anywhere, she stalls, and then the evening comes and we just go to sleep. I got so pissed that I had to call my friend (thanks D.) to calm myself down a bit. And I did. But only for maybe 20 minutes. As the bus left off, I started over-thinking everything. Our conversation from the morning came to my mind and then I crashed. We were talking how when I'm home she doesn't have the problem to sleep. And I really let her sleep because I know how much she likes it and how tired she is. But God forbid that she sleeps while my father or brother are home. I get the brother part, since he's home only for the weekends. But the best reason she gave me about my father is: "I have to give him something to eat." I mean, really??? He's not a baby, there's always something in the kitchen. And if we're playing that card, what about me? When she sleeps, I make my own lunch. End of story. And this conversation went on and on in my mind. I came to a point of crying in the middle of a full bus. But, thank God, these were silent tears. My eyes were wet, my teeth were pressed against each other, but I think nobody noticed anything. Sadly, I'm used to this kind of crying. And why did I put this title? Because I ran into a friend of mine, and she saw I'm pissed and immediately asked: "PMS, huh?" No!!! Not PMS, people!
My mood exactly.

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