31 August, 2014

Turkish enigmas

Hello :)
You already know that I absolutely love TV shows. Especially romantic ones. I'm also a big fan of Turkish shows but I don't know much about their culture and rules of living. That's why I can't understand some things I see. These things caught my eye quite a few times in the shows I watched before, but then I didn't have this blog and I couldn't write about it. Before I write anything, here are some things I would like you to know... I'm not trying to offend anyone with this blog, I'm only trying to understand. And I would really appreciate if someone from Turkey would comment on this. These questions are constantly on my mind while watching their shows. That's why I would like someone form that culture and country to answer my questions. If anyone else knows anything about it, you're very welcome to comment too. Here are my enigmas:
  1. What's that white drink that is so popular? Apparently it's some kind of alcohol.
  2. Why can't blood and alcohol be shown on TV? Every time someone gets hurt (shot or cut) they blur the wound and all the blood. And almost every glass of alcohol is blurred too. It's TV and a made up show. It's not real, and if it were, that's reality. Every other country shows it...
  3. Why is kiss on the mouth such a big deal? I'm watching this one show at the moment so I'll sum up the story. This one guy dated one rich and pretty girl. They were going out all the time, kissed on the mouth all the time, held hands, slept together... They were, what we all call, a normal couple. And then they broke up, he found another girlfriend. I'm not sure if that's important, but she's poor. Anyhow, she was afraid to hold his hand in public for a really long time. Other than that, they kissed on the mouth, I think, only two times. So, it's not that she just doesn't do that, she's ashamed and afraid. Once she tried to kiss him and he asked her if she's sure she wants to do it... I would get if this was a conversation about sleeping together, but this I don't get. And it's not their first kiss so she would be nervous... 
  4. Why is honor such a big deal, too? Of course it is, but they would rather kill someone than admit that they failed at something. One family had to move out from their house because it was too big and they couldn't afford it anymore. They said they can't show their faces anywhere anymore. Seriously? It is that important?
  5. Why do some women wear hijab (is that the scarf around the head?) all the time, some only when going out and some don't at all? I watched this show where women from the same family obviously had different rules. Or is it just a matter of habit?
I really hope there will be someone who will answer my questions because they're really bothering me... Thanks in advance.
Bye :)
Questions without answers....

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