30 September, 2014

Virgin territory

Hello :)
So, I watched this, apparently, new show on MTV yesterday. It is literally called "Virgin territory". What is it about? Duh! Virgins... I watched maybe about ten minutes of it and it was awful. Disrespectful. There was this girl, she's 19 I think and she is, you guessed, a virgin. And the whole show is about her and her friends (I think they were her friends, or maybe hosts of the show) finding her a guy. They pushed her to the club, and convinced everyone is the one! For starter, like the club is a great place to meet anyone... For a long relationship. She didn't find anyone. Not really important, but the way they talked about it... They made her being a virgin at the age of 19 something weird. Like it's so not normal and she shouldn't be like that. I'm not sure if they didn't think she was cool enough or they thought that being a virgin is a disease... They took something that personal and made it a TV show. I'm sure they didn't force that girl to be there, but the topic itself is terrible. I watched it, like I said, for only ten minutes but you could clearly see the message behind it. If I wasn't perfectly confident about my virginity at my age of 19, I would be so depressed. They have put too much pressure on young girls. Not everyone has to lose it on the 16th birthday. It's my personal opinion that it's best to wait for someone who is worth it, for "the one". But, again, it's everyone's personal choice. I didn't get what they were thinking... Let's say some girl who felt that pressure went out and lost something she can never get back. I know this may seem to you as a stupid topic and totally unnecessary to write about, but then I think you're wrong. I also have to say that writing this made me proud of myself. Being able to rise above the peer pressure and being myself in this situation. In the situation which is this important. This is something that a girl should decide by herself, with the right guy. Every girl has that choice to do whatever she wants with her virginity, but I think this kind of pressure is just wrong.

Just what we all need....

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