08 May, 2014

You have followers?

Hello :)
In spite of being terribly tired and exhausted, and in spite of the fact I have to study 10 more hours, I'm in a good mood and I found the time to write something down. I was wondering today how's life for those famous people (actors, singers, models...). I know we all say they have nothing to complain about and they have almost everything they want in life, and that's kinda true, but I was thinking about something else. Followers, fans, stalkers. Can you imagine how it would be for you not being able to walk out of your house without hundreds of people waiting outside? Sure, it sounds interesting and cool now, but I can honestly say I couldn't live like that. Sure, I would like to have fans and media behind me, but every day? Every step I take would be recorded somewhere. I just say Ian Somerhalder's interview for Years of Living Dangerously (I personally suggest you watch at least some interviews or trailers, even if you don't like Ian, you'll have to love what he's doing there). Anyhow, he went up on the stage in the middle of the city square and girls were screaming (I love you! Marry me!) and it had nothing to do with the great thing he was talking about. They were just there so they could cry because they saw him up close. And I have to admit, I find him very handsome and attractive, but you can't act like that! Just because he's famous doesn't mean that he should be treated like that. I'm not saying they said anything bad, but I'm 100% sure all of those girls would feel harassed if someone approached them like that! And yes, I know that he's famous and this kinda goes with the profession he has, but still... Calm down! I took his example because I saw it yesterday, but it goes for all famous people. Male and female. Although, I think hot guys have it worse because those girls, their fans, are pretty scary when they like somebody. I haven't seen many guys acting like this for some female famous person, but they're here too. And there's another example. Planetary popular One Direction. They had their boxers stolen form the balcony. Seriously? And girls (in this example) call themselves fans. A true fan supports his/hers idol, cares about their work (not just his/hers body!!) and, I wouldn't say is protective of them, but surely not stealing their clothes. If any of you who read this is a fan of somebody, think about this the next time you don't give them private time even to go shopping for groceries. And, of course, not only to blame the guys and girls out there, the media doesn't help too. We really don't need to know if Angelina Jolie went to the hairdresser of if Jessica Alba went on the red carpet with the broken nail (I just made this up, don't try to Google it).
Just Google "Crazy fans"...

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