21 May, 2014

My info

First of all I would like to thank all the people that are helping Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia.
And now, I decided to put together some information about me. Since you're reading my blog, I think you got some picture of me but there are things that describe me the most. Here I am:
  1. School: Finished elementary and high school with very high grades. Got into college that I wanted. Still struggling with it...
  2. Animals: Mammals! Especially dogs (totally a dog person) but others are OK too. I hate snakes, lizards and all reptiles in general. Favorite wild animal is giant panda.
  3. Movies: Lots and lots of favorite movies, movies I can watch every day but my favorite are romantic ones. If there is mixture of war/soldiers and romance that's a perfect combination. I also like comedies. I simply hate and don't ever watch horrors.
  4. Books: I started reading not that long ago but I think I'm starting to really like it. Genres are the same as for the movies. Love stories, war plus love stories.
  5. Music: My favorite genre is pop but I listen to R'n'B, rap (Eminem) and classical music. I can actually listen to anything but it's not something I would prefer.
  6. Places to visit: I would definitely like to visit New York and Madrid. There are Madeira and Paris also on my list.
  7. Sports: Football, handball and hockey. I love to watch them but hate to talk about it because if I say I like any of these people expect me to know every player's birth name, name of his grandmother and how many penalties has he scored in 1987. My favorite sport to play is basketball, I guess...
  8. Musical instruments: Piano and guitar! There's nothing like them and I regret every day that I didn't go to musical school when I first got the opportunity.
  9. Biggest fears: Death and darkness. Yes, I'm almost 20 and I'm afraid of the dark!
  10. Food: As every normal teenager I love junk food but my all time favorite is roasted chicken or turkey with something called mlinci.
  11. Environment: I love the outdoors and I try to be as nicest as I can be to nature. Don't throw trash everywhere and don't smoke in forests!
  12. Words that describe me: shy, patient, kind, funny (I guess...), sometimes stubborn, determined, adaptive, lazy (sometimes, when it comes to college), caring... This is totally not subjective ;)
Oh well, I can't remember anything else now. If you want to know anything else, feel free to ask :D
Bye bye :*
It's all about me ;)

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