23 May, 2014

Two types of couples

Yesterday I saw a couple that caught my eye. I didn't want to make a big fuss about it, but I saw another couple that also caught my eye today. You're gonna hear everything about it. First couple and their story. So, I saw a guy waiting for someone on the main town square. He was constantly checking his phone. Finally, after about 10 minutes, a girl came and his face changed. His eyes were glowing, he was smiling from ear to ear. She came up to him, gave him a small kiss and waked away like nothing happened. She expected him to follow her. And he did. While they were walking away, he was trying to hold her hand, hug her. He wanted her to see his smile and he wanted the same in return. He didn't get it. She looked like she doesn't even care that they met there, like he should be privileged to even be around her. I, of course, don't know their story, but she really looked like he's just one in many guys just waiting for her. And I felt so sorry for the guy. I don't get why people think that only girls need that sign of love and happiness. This guy was so thrilled to see her and she was unbelievably cold to him. Second couple and their story. A man and a woman walked into the tram. At first I didn't even realize they were together. She was pregnant. A boy got up and gave up his seat so she wouldn't have to stand. And than a guy began to cool her with some magazine. In case you don't know, it's horribly hot here. I expected him to give up after some time, but he didn't. For 11 tram stops, as long as we were in a tram together, he didn't give up. He stopped few times to give her a bottle of cold water. I was amazed how he took care of her. I know it's not much to cool somebody, and something like this should be normal and on daily basis, but it's a sign of caring and loving that person. I was standing in front of the woman. And I saw the look in her eyes. Her eyes, as his also, were glowing. It was like she was trying to say "I love you" with her eyes. She knew what she had there and that she needs to appreciate it. As she was getting up to get off the tram, she gave him a kiss and hold his hand like it's the first time they fell in love. To conclude... If you aren't like the second couple, but more like the first one, you probably shouldn't be together. I can't say for sure that the first girl didn't just have a bad day but it was sad to see that only one side of that relationship was trying and was even happy about seeing the other one. I'm not saying that the second couple won't maybe break up soon or any time in the future, either, but, for now, they seem like they can overcome anything...
Stay happy, bye
That's the best thing. You love everything. Or you should!


  1. Anonymous15/6/14 21:50

    mybe the frst couple was in a fight and the girl was mad. boys always look all cute and do puppy eyes when they know they have to apologize. don't judge what you don't know

  2. Yes, that's why I wrote: "I, of course, don't know their story,..." It was just an observation and my personal opinion. :)