20 May, 2014

Mother Nature at her worst!

As you can see from the title, this time I have really bad news. Since I saw most readers are from countries near me, they should really pay attention and do something. If you're further away and you maybe think it doesn't consider you, you're wrong! This kind of catastrophes are everybody's concern. In case you have no idea what I'm talking about, there are terrible floods in Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia. Normally, these countries, Croatia and Serbia, are not in good relationships. I'm not going to start that topic, but let's just say our past isn't that bright. However, we are united now because we really need all the help we can get! Mother Nature decided to show her full power and strength and people are dying. There's nothing politics (so stop blaming the government!) or money can do in situations like this. But! we do need financial, and any other, help we can get because thousands of people have lost their homes and everything they had. I've seen houses literally falling apart, ambulance drowning with the paramedics in it (so they had to save the paramedics first so they could save somebody else), animals floating dead... These are all terrible pictures and I wish you all not to ever experience it! I won't talk much further. If you want to know more there are hashtags all over the social networks: #prayforcroatia, #prayforcroatiabosniaserbia, #prayforbosnia, #floods, #prayforserbia... You'll find something... You can call and donate money. Also we invite everyone to send food, water, clothes... Anything you think that could help... 
If you really wanna see how bad things are now, Google "floods in Croatia/Bosnia/Serbia". It's like we have new Adriatic sea in the middle of the dry land!
God help us all !!!!
Pray and help !


  1. Hello,
    just wanted to let everyone know that you can support the victims of the flooding by playing the lotto. Here at Multilotto, we are giving €1 for every line played. Learn more here: Whether you play the lotto or do something else entirely, please do what you can to support the victims of flooding in these difficult times.
    Thank you.

  2. Thank you for this information!!
    Here is also link to Croatian Red Cross where you can find out more, donate money and offer some help: