06 May, 2014

Go there and introduce yourself!

Hey :)
How many times have your friends gave you that lame advice where you should just go to the person you never met and introduce yourself? I'm not saying it's wrong, and if you like somebody and you have the courage, why not? We see it every day in clubs. It's popular these days... But I'm talking about those times where you see somebody cute on the street or in the tram/bus and your friend is convincing you it's the best idea ever to go over there and start talking. Trust me, it's not! Maybe you would do great and end up marrying that person, but, let's be real, that most likely won't happen. What will happen is you humiliating yourself. Do you like when random strangers come up to you? I don't think so. Everybody is polite but we all have that awful face expression and we're just wanting for that person to go away. And another thing. If those friends who have such great advice wouldn't do that themselves, why do they act like it's the best thing ever, not humiliating or scaring at all? I remember one time I saw a cute guy in the tram and I said that to my friend (about 5 years ago). She gave me that same advice. And, at first, I laughed cause I thought she was joking and it was funny the way she said it. But later she wouldn't shut up about him. She was trying to convince me that I missed a great opportunity there the entire day. Maybe I did, I can't say I know what would have happened, but neither I have the courage to do it nor I want it. I know how I would feel in a situation like that. Sure, I would be flattered if someone approached me, but later I would be very uncomfortable. Maybe that's just me. I can't speak for all people out there, but I think that most of you would agree with me on this one. I actually think about this a lot because I travel to my college with the public transport every day and I see lots and lots of cute and handsome guys. I'm just wondering what would have to go very wrong in my brain to do such a thing...
And I just remembered one more situation. If you bump into somebody on the street and your, let's say, notebooks fall. OK, you/he will pick it up and it kinda end there. It's not a TV show. You won't get a coffee together, you won't go to the dinner and won't move in together the next day!
Hi! My name is... NOT IMPORTANT !!!!!!

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