01 January, 2016

New 2016!!

Hello!!! How are you all? Hungover? Sleepy? Tired? I don't care. Happy New Year!! With all the best wishes for this year!
So, I've written about "problems" I had while deciding what to do with my New Year's Eve (post here). Anyways, I already chose my dress (my tailor did an amazing job with my dress), my shoes, picked out a hair style and then I sat down to decide whether to go to a party or not. Thank God my friend said: "Go. This way, if it sucks, you'll know it. Otherwise you'll just wonder and you'll be sorry later." Thank you Joan! I mean, she wasn't the only one with these words, but I'm so excited right now I would hug and kiss her and all people around me. It was amazing! If my 2016 will be anything like the way I entered it, it's gonna be one hell of a good year!! I was a bit skeptic at first and I sat down for about half an hour, just looking at everyone and everything. But after this half an hour, I began to shine! The music was great, food and drinks too. But those guys... Oh my God, those guys. You just have to love them. They're so kind, funny, accepting, communicative, such goofs but also really great and down to Earth people. I really felt like part of the family there, which is actually a weird thing cause these people have been hanging out for more than 10 years. The only problem I had is the fact it ended so soon. Actually it didn't, but I could go on like that forever. It was just the perfect night! I was really scared how it will all turn out, but I couldn't ask for a better party. I regret not having my picture taken because, in my humble and totally objective opinion, this was my prettiest look since I was born. But, oh well, I guess I'll just have to wear the exact same outfit on a imaginary photo-shoot (my mom taking pictures of me - take what you can get, right?).
Not to make this a longer post than it should be, let me know how you spent your NYE. Comments below as usual.

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