28 January, 2016

Today: 28.01.2016.

Doing: mentally preparing for the test today (I'm actually really optimistic about it)
Mood: OK, I guess; I can't complain about anything, but I'm not jumping out of happiness either
Favorite person: I haven't had any interactions with people yet as it's early morning, so we'll see; I'll find somebody at college for sure (I'm thinking my teacher)
Thinking about: how to do my nails today - plain or nail art?
Missing: sleep! as every normal college student
Loving: butter and jelly breakfast (not peanut butter, although that's also tasty)
Hating: the fact that I have to leave my apartment today for college (if I was going somewhere fun I would love it as it's really pretty outside)
New discovery: you can remove your nail polish faster if you soak cotton pads in nail polish remover, place it on your nails and wrap with foil or duct tape
Listening to: Europe - Carrie

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