30 January, 2016

My friend Joan

So, I'm continuing describing people around me. (You can find intro post here and all others under the label Family and Friends on the right.)
Today, I'm gonna write about my best friend Joan. There's so much I can write so I hope I'll manage to fit everything into this post as I don't want it to be too long. So, I've met Joan in the first grade of high school; so we were both freshman in the same grade. We sat together by accident and we remained like that till the last day of our senior year. I can't really remember how we started talking about the big things, but I guess we both felt like we can trust each other. I think the fact that we were together for 8 hours every day and we still went for coffees almost every day, and we hung out on the weekends and holidays too, says enough about us loving being together. Of course we see each other less now as we went to college, but that didn't affect our friendship at all. I love the fact that we both cherish our friendship and that we make an effort to really spend time with each other. We lived together for a week on a school trip and we spent summers together without any weird vibes. I honestly think we never had a fight! Big one, small one, any kind of fights. We disagree sometimes, but that's perfectly normal and I love it how we can talk rationally even if we're not on the same page. That sometimes makes the friendship even more interesting. The only thing I regret about her is me not being there for her on our school trip. She was having a fight with some other girls and I wasn't by her side. Now, she says she doesn't mind because I was sick and kinda dying in the bed but I still feel I failed her. It's been 3 (or 4?!?) years since that and I still think about it a lot. So, I should have said this in person a long time ago, but: I'm sorry Joan. That's the only thing I don't like about us and that's not even her fault so I could say I have a perfect friend. She is stubborn, sassy, sarcastic, funny, caring, down to earth. Optimist, pessimist and realist all in one. She is the one I can call about anything and she'll give the best possible response even if she couldn't care less about the topic. Of course, she, like everybody, has flaws but I don't care about them. I also never said this in person, but she's my sister. When I'm comfortable enough to tell her all about my family or myself, to sit with her 6 hours outside on a freezing cold day (because we're stupid, no other reason), I think I can call her my sister. I'm so looking forward to spending 100 more years with her and to all the summers and birthdays we're going to spend together.
Now, I wanted to write this in a way that she would cry in the end (if she ever reads this) and think: "I'm so loved here". Because she is. You are Joan. ♥ But I obviously didn't succeed, but what the hell ;)
I really do love you! ♥

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