16 January, 2016

My aunt and cousin

You can find my previous posts about my family on the right under label "Family and Friends" on the right. Today I'm gonna write about my aunt (dad's sister) and her son.
Hmm... My aunt. Oh boy, she's a complicated one. She is really a kind and giving person, really opened and outgoing. Although this sounds great, people who know her (like really know her, like me) know that she comes of as pushy and all-over-the-place person. She's kinda seducing every man out there (she's divorced) and it's so awkward to watch that. But! If you see her for the first time, you would probably think she's great, really communicative and polite. Anyhow, for quite a long period of time she was like my second mother. I think she always wanted a baby girl too, so I was her baby girl. We went shopping together, went out for lunches and stuff like that. I don't think there's anything that she wouldn't do for me (and my brother and her son, of course). With me being older now, I do sometimes get embarrassed and bored just because she walks around dressed like she's 20 (she is 50) and she talks about the same things over and over again and she mixes topic really fast so I can barely keep track of what she's actually saying. Other than that, I really love her. She's always there if I need her, always ready to help and always in a mood to keep you company. So that's her.
My cousin, however, is a different story. Me and him never actually had the cousin-cousin relationship. He used to play with my brother when they were little; but I was too little to play with them. So, once I grew, he stopped coming over and I think that's why we never actually connected. Now that we're both 20 something, it's hard to start over. We do talk sometimes, mostly when I go to visit my aunt and he helped me with my college stuff and we sometimes spend the holidays together and stuff like that. But I will always regret not having a Will-Smith-Prince-of-Bel-Air kind of cousin. And I know there's a way to fix this; I could send a message, try to meet up or something but I'm thinking this would be too awkward. And I don't think he thinks of me as his company, so... I'll leave it like it is. It's OK that we're good and the rest is not that important I guess. As my aunt wished for a girl next to her son, I wished for a female cousin too. Is that wrong?
Do you have cousins? How's your relationship with them?
There are no pictures for cousins. Not any that I liked.

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