11 January, 2017

X things guys/girls hate on girls/guys!

OK, I was postponing this post for so long, but I've just watched a video about this and I got so annoyed so here I am.
Note: I'm going to talk only about one gender (as I'm a girl and it's easier), but this totally goes the other way around too. Also, I'm gonna talk about fashion, but this goes for hair, make-up and everything else.
You know those lists "10 things guys hate on girls"? Well I just watched one regarding fashion and there were some things I hate too, but that's so not the point here. Under that video, there were so many comments saying "why should I care what guys think", "they can't say anything about my clothes" and so on. Newsflash girl!! Yes, they can comment your style. Just like you can comment theirs. There's nobody who can tell you what to wear or what not to wear. You should be smart enough to know what is appropriate and what isn't and what looks good and what doesn't. But other people can still comment if they like it or not. Because, by saying they don't like it, they don't take away your right to actually wear that. There was another video then called "10 things girls hate on guys" and girls were commenting how something is really weird and looks stupid or awful. And now that should be OK? These weren't the same girls of course (at least I didn't see any familiar name), but people can comment on other people's fashion style. I'm not saying you should totally trash somebody's style, but in these lists everything is so generalized that you're not assaulting anyone in particular, you're just stating what you do and don't like. I really hope you get the message here because this was bugging me for the past few months now (maybe more). I have the need to say that some girls take things too seriously and they go all defensive and get that "girl power" state of mind real quick. Which is not totally wrong, but have in mind this story goes for guys too. However, I haven't seen guys commenting how "they don't care what girls think" or "they don't have a right to say anything about our clothes". They mostly took it as it is - generalized list that should entertain people on YouTube.
So, guys and girls, please chill :)
What do you think about this topic?

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