03 January, 2017

New year - new me stuff

Hi. If you read my previous post where I expressed my anger and disappointment in myself for basically wasting my year, this will be a sequel to it. I'm usually that type of person who thinks that just because it's 1st of January, everything will be different and this will be my best year so far. I'm also the kind of person who probably won't change a thing in my life so don't be weirded out if you read how I messed up my year in the end of 2017. Now that you all know that I'm fully aware of this, we can talk a bit about what I'm planning on doing this year.
Note: There's also a post for my 2016 plans which you can read here.
  • start driving
I think I mentioned before that I got my driver's licence somewhere around March (?) last year. Since then, I've been behind the wheel once around April and that was it. In driving school we actually have a month of lectures and then few months of driving so I think I got pretty good at it (I passed, didn't I?), but I haven't drove in quite a while and we have a different car than that I learned on so I really need to adjust. I'm planning on asking my mom or brother to be my right hand for the first few drives.
  • get a tattoo
I've been thinking and talking about this one for so freaking long, even I'm bored by this topic. But, to be honest, I think I'm closer to this than ever. I found a great cheap (my tattoos would be small, therefore cheaper) place which I already like (as they do hair, waxing, massages,...) and I'll ask there all about it and hopefully get before June (?).
  • get a job
I know I've said this before, but I really don't have the time for a job. I'm at college for 8 every day (this varies but this is like some average calculation). With this being said, there isn't a student job that is this flexible that I could work for example only 3 hours on Monday, 5 hours on Tuesday and so on... I'll see how my schedule will look like next semester, but I really hope I'll do something about this.
  • learn new language
I like to think I'm pretty good with languages and I have some which I'd like to learn (German, Spanish, Portuguese and Turkish). I don't care whether this is in a real school or some few months course or even by Duolingo... I would be pretty happy if I learn at least few common phrases.
  • start my nail salon
OK, nothing big, but I do love manicures and I have a starter kit for acrylic nails and I actually already bought furniture for this last year, but I never did anything with it, so maybe this will be the year...

What are your plans? Do you have some New Year resolutions or you're not for it?

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