13 January, 2017

Today: 13.01.2017.

Doing: went to college, wrote some blog posts, chatted with my friends, watched some TV shows, did a part of my college paper (gonna do some more now)
Mood: pretty good, I feel really positive today!
Favorite person: my friend Marc who sang to me this stupid kids song :D
Thinking about: how I really feel I'll make more out of this year than the last one (as I always say haha)
Missing: going out more with my friends, field trips I did in elementary and high school - I just left that from my previous post
Loving: that I'm so positive without any particular reason, today I believe everything will be OK
Hating: all this rain (!) and snow which is not really snow in the city is more like dirt and slush
New discovery: VSDC Free Video Editor - I was thinking of making some YouTube videos so I've been searching for free video editors and I can say I'm going to install this one once my laptop gets repaired
Listening to: Brad Paisley - Whiskey Lullaby (I'm actually not a fan of country music, but this is great!!)

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