18 January, 2017

Expectations for 2017

I did this post a year ago (read my expectations for 2016 here). I read it now and I realize I could just copy - paste the intro. Anyway, here's a list of what I wish in 2017 along with what I actually did from the last list.
  • New 2017 will be better than the 2016. It has to be. Not that my year was so bad, but I tend to remember bad stuff more than the good ones, so... - This is just copied from the last year cause... I really want it to be better.
  • I want to work out more. Last year I said I want to lose weight. That's also still a wish of mine, but right now I want to be more active and flexible no matter the number on my scale.
  • Get a tattoo. I've postponed this one cause I heard that you shouldn't do it in summer so I'll try to do it in the first two months of 2017 when it's still cold outside.
  • Start my own nail salon. I don't have a real business in mind, but I'd like to do nail professionally. I already have all the equipment and furniture and all I need to do is set it all up in my basement.
  • I really wish to find a good boyfriend this year.
  • As for the last year, this one is always a must-have on the list: The most important wish of mine is to become stronger, to build my self esteem. Yes, I hope I'll do that. At least that.
What I actually did from my previous list:
  • I finished college.
  • I got my driver's licence.
  • I did some nails.
Now, this is depressing, right?

What are your New Year resolutions? Do you have any? Do you think this is stupid? Comment below!

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