30 December, 2014

It's the other one I don't trust

Hello my dearest :)
I've been thinking today about cheating. There isn't any particular reason for it, movies started it, I guess. Anyhow, you know how always the other person gets blamed for it? Well, I think that just wrong. Imagine this: A relationship between a guy a a girl. Girl cheats oh him and he sees it (or finds out). Guy walks over to her an her lover and he punches him. Or, the other way around: Girl starts pulling the other girl's hair. What the hell? It's really not their fault that your other half cheated on you. What do they care? Especially if they don't know this person was already in a relationship. I know it's easier to be angry at someone you don't know and not to believe that your love betrayed you, but that's the awful truth. We have one case in our family where an older guy was married. Everybody knew that that marriage is nothing, they had no love for each other, they just stayed married for God knows what reason. And, eventually, he found himself a (younger) girlfriend. I've met her and she is a 1000 times nicer than his wife. And after all of this, everybody blamed her, the new girl. How could she destroy the family? What is she thinking? Well, she's in love. And single. What does she care if he doesn't care about his wife? His family still doesn't like her even though they are married now and have a baby girl. (Probably not a baby anymore.) I honestly don't know if I could be with a person like that. Can he (in this case) guarantee you that he won't do the same to you? When he finds someone else, you'll e forgotten. But OK, that's her choice. But this new wife is totally innocent if you ask me. And when they say: "I trust you. It's him/her that I don't trust." If you trust your partner, it doesn't matter what the other person does. Nothing will happen. That's such a stupid line to say. Again, it's easier to blame the third person. But get real, it's the two of you in the relationship. You deal with your problems without anyone else.
Hopefully you'll agree with me ;)

Caught cheating!

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