23 December, 2014

Two or three about me

Hello :) Long time no talk... Yep, ten days is long for me. Anyhow holiday break has begun and I'm back!
I don't know if I've done this before so I apologize if I did but this time I really can't remember. My friend Anchy (blog on the right!) did this few times in the past month and I think it's a great idea to do the same thing. Here are few statements about... me!
  1. I'm brunette and I like it that way. My hair is also naturally pretty curly and strong so I could say I adore my hair...
  2. I can't imagine one day without music.
  3. I love buying gifts for my friends so I sometimes more money than I should. But it's worth it.
  4. I admire my brother since I was a kid. Even after he told me to hit the closet with my toes. Today we laugh at this, I wasn't laughing then...
  5. I'm really bad at letting things go. Even if I don't like something/someone anymore, I get used to it/them and I know I will feel emptiness so I convince myself letting go isn't the smartest idea. Even if it is.
  6. I'm totally socially awkward when I meet someone new. After few meetings, when I get comfortable with someone, I can't shut up. So they say...
  7. I like to "create" my life in The Sims since I love that game. I'm usually "hopeless romantic".
  8. I love chocolate. But who doesn't, right?
  9. My (new) favorite color is green. If it's about clothes, I tend to buy red stuff because they look great on me (not to brag, right?).
  10. Even though I'm 20 (almost), I have 4 shelves full of teddy bears that I got over the years. My room looks like I'm five and that makes me kinda embarrassed when I have my friends over but they got used to it (cause I always invite the same ones) and these toys are too important to me to get rid of them.
Hopefully you'll like this. Give me a feedback by commenting below or placing a check mark next to the best description of this post, also below. I'll make more of these since I have more facts about me I want you to know...
Till then, bye :*
Learn something about me :)

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