13 December, 2014

GG review: The Bass's

Bart, Jack and Chuck. Later, their family expanded and welcomed Lily, with Serena and Eric, and, of course, Blair. With the show being based on teenagers, we can say that Chuck is the main member of this family. He was raised only by his father who always looked only on money and power, neglecting Chuck in many ways. Chuck's mother was dead, than alive to turn out that he was better off without her as she just tried to trick him into giving her all the money and heritage... The name "Bass" really meant something, they provoked power and fame, but also fear. Enemies just couldn't win...
  1. Charles Bartholomew Bass. Popularly called Chuck. He was the bad boy of the Upper East Side. If someone was to blame, it was most probably him. He is shown as the character which, at first sight, cares only about himself and money. In the first two seasons we was kinda like that but we can see him change. One person that he always cared about was his best friend Nate. OK, when he wasn't kissing Blair... But seeing Nate and Chuck's friendship made me seriously want a friendship like that. Especially with Chuck having such messed up life (and personality), he found his solid rock in Nate. He's probably the most persistent character. He knows what he want, but he doesn't always gets what he wants so he immediately thinks it's the end of the world. After all of his ups and downs, he finally settles down in the end and marries the girl he chased all those seasons.
  2. Bartholomew Bass. The greatest villains of all. In most of the show... Bart is a self-made millionaire. He owns pretty much everybody and everything, as he likes to act it like that... Because he made everything from nothing, he expect his son to be the greatest of all. He wants his family (only Chuck) to be tough and to listen only to him, as he is the smartest person there and with a great sense of business. (That's what he thinks.) The last part I can't really disagree with but he is ruthless and he only thinks of himself. And he can't imagine how his son doesn't want to be like that and how someone can leave everything for love.
  3. Jack Bass is the younger and irresponsible brother of Bart. He came to New York after the apparent death of his brother to take control over the company. However, he failed when Lily became Chuck's legal guardian. He is good and bad. It really only depends on his mood. He liked Chuck, wanted to help him, be his guardian, but he soon became another villain who only wanted money and Bart's legacy.
What is sure is that they all have great taste in fashion. Always elegant, in suits, like real men. OK, we'll forget Chuck's first season and his crazy outfits. Also, they all seem to love Scotch (Chuck's a bit young for all that alcohol, isn't he?). 
The Bass family.

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