13 December, 2014


Hello :D
I know I've been neglecting you, but I had tons of studying to do these past few weeks, and as much as I love to post something new, I had to get my priorities straight. You understand that, right? Well, it's all over now. At least, I'll have nothing major to do before new year. Where to start? In the past week I had my ups and downs, mostly do to my college experience. Everybody is saying no to worry about exams, they won't be important in ten years. I know exams are small when looking at your whole life but, at the moment, they are one of the most important part of my life. That's why I was going crazy lately, but I'm fine now... Other than that, my family started to tease me about my friend from college and I started to slightly avoid him which I really don't want to do. So I said: "F*** it!" He's one of my best friends, best male friend for sure, and I'm not giving that up. (Yes, I friendzoned him, as everybody like to use this term...) Also... I've been to 4 (?) concerts in a really great concert hall and every one of them was great! Everything was really elegant, people were all dressed up... Me and my friend tried to keep up with them and I have to say we weren't bad at all. It's not that usual that two college girl wear gowns in the night out, so we adjusted our fashion style a bit and we looked dazzling! (Am I modest or what?) As a little girl I watched all those shows were balls were normal and, of course, I wanted to be a part of it. This is not exactly a ball, but it's probably the closest that I'll ever get to some fancy reception. I loved it! Next on... Christmas is close enough to start talking about presents... I only have two more presents to buy and make and I'm done. I'm so proud of myself that I'm not doing it in the last minute. I also can't wait to decorate my flat and my grandparent's house! We usually do everything on the Christmas Eve, as it should be done like that, but I'll try to convince my parents that next weekend is the perfect time to start decorating... So, now that I filled you in with all that was happening lately I can go and rest a bit from my week from hell...
Talk to you soon :)
I just did, didn't I?


  1. Wtf you started avoiding your best friend because your family teases you? That's insane...
    Plus, you can't friendzone someone who doesn't romantically like you.. If he likes likes you, and you don't like him back that way and treat him as a friend - then that's friendzoning. If you're just friends and you are avoiding him, that is not friendzoning. Just sayin... xoxo

  2. Yeah yeah, I know I'm crazy. If this makes anything better, I only did that for a half of day (as long as we were on college that day). Everything's OK now :D
    Well it's not really proven whether he likes me or not (hopefully no :P) but my feeling for him won't change, still friends and we like it :)
    P.S. thanks for commenting :))