11 January, 2015

Punishing him or myself?

Hello :)
Since I haven't posted anything after New Year, let me wish you all the best in this new year. Let it be filled with joy, wealth, success, love, health...
And now to my story. I had a fight with my brother. And my friend made a good point saying that lately I've been saying this awfully a lot. My brother has this awful habit of waking me up every morning (if I'm not already ready for college, let's say). It doesn't matter to him whether it is Saturday, Sunday, my day off or any other day and situation that I got to sleep a bit longer. I love to sleep, I won't lie. And that's exactly why I hate being woken up. Especially if I went to bed late. And he just doesn't care. He gets up early every day, and that's perfectly fine with me. But then he's bored or something and he wakes me up. Or he just yells, slams the door, hits with the plates till I wake up. And, of course, I'm pissed off then. And he still doesn't get it. And it's not the fact that he wakes me up and ends my few hours of sleep that pisses me off that much. Sure, I would like to sleep, but the fact that he doesn't get it after I told him so many time to stop it is just hurtful. It's like he doesn't respect me at all. I see myself when he's sleeping. I'm quieter than a mouse. I can't understand how he can't understand. And that really hurts. And now we had this "fight" where I've told him that I won't speak to him until he apologizes. I'm not really looking for an apology since we don't do that, but I am waiting for him to understand me. And I want him just to approach first and he can act like nothing happened. I would be perfectly fine with it. I just want him to never do that again unless he has some good reason. And the point it that this silence is probably hurting me more than him. And I don't know how to make things right since, for the first time, I fighting for my self. Baby steps, of course. I want to talk to my brother normally again. It's so weird in the house since we're not talking. So weird. I hope he'll understand some things as he goes away for few days...
If you have similar problems or just regular siblings problems, let me know :)
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