29 July, 2014

Gossip Girl review

Hello :)
Yesterday I finally finished watching Gossip Girl show. After 6 seasons I could say that I got to know the characters, their lives... You know how that goes when you get addicted to some TV show. Well, I never thought I would get this addicted since I started watching it only because I saw Chace Crawford there and I really didn't have anything else to watch at the time. However, after all these episodes, I have an opinion on everything. I started this pretty general but I assure you, I'll write everything I think about this. And, of course, I will write chapters about every member of the cast I think it is relevant. I'm going to start by saying that I wish I had their lives in some aspects of it. I want Blair's strength, Serena's style, Nate's good heart and honesty, Chuck's bravery and confidence... We all could use some of the characteristics from the show. Since I'm planning on writing more than just one post about this show, I really hope I won't bore to death all of you who don't watch it. I can tell you my plans right now. This post will contain just general opinions, but I do have in mind to write one post about every family and one (the next one) about general impression and thoughts about the show. You could call this one an intro. So, without further ado...
  1. Best style: Serena! And Nate too.
  2. The most persistent: Chuck!
  3. Most class: Eleanor! And Lilly.
  4. Worst villain: Bart
  5. Most annoying role: Georgina
  6. Best relationships:  Nate and Jenny. Nate and Sage. Nate and Serena.
  7. Worst characters to bring in the show: Bart (after his death), Georgina, Asher
  8. Nicest ones: Nate, Rufus, Eleanor, Cyrus
  9. Best scenes: Nate's happiness. All of the Chuck and Nate's friendship. Rufus and Lilly.
  10. Prettiest faces on the show: Nate and Vanessa
Before you write anything in the comments, these are my opinions. You don't have to like them. And I know it may come as a surprise that I don't like Blair and Chuck's relationship that much, but I'll get to that in some other post. And, as you can see, my favorite character is Nate... ;)
Xo xo, Gossip Girl!

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