28 July, 2014

Singing in the rain

Hey. :)
Have you ever watched the movie? "Singing in the rain" is an old musical comedy film. Not important here actually, but I'm glad my friend made me watch it. At least now I know where does the term come from. And it's great that I do because I can really relate to it. Today I decided to do some errands in the city. (I'm sorry I can't tell you more. You'll find out on Wednesday.) I don't know have I mentioned that we have awfully lot of rain here considering it's summer. However, temperatures are ideal for my favorite outfits: jeans, sneakers and a T-shirt. So, obviously, I went with that today. And I think I looked pretty great. Everything was in place: accessories, hair, colors of the clothes... I was walking on the main city square, buying some things I needed, carrying fresh bought flowers when I felt some drops on my skin. I thought there's nothing to worry about so I decided to go around one building to get to the other store. There was a shorter way to it, but I was in a store that is placed in that same building. And right when was I about to go out I saw the cutest construction worker ever. The funny/weird/great part was that we caught each others look and looked away. As I turned around to walk out, I saw his reflection in a mirror. He was still looking at me. So I smiled. And he smiled too. And that's why I chose the longer way to the other store. Because he was outside in the alley (the store has a back door). Something in me made me want to see him again. I honestly don't know why because I know myself and I know I certainly wasn't expecting anything. And now I have to return to my story... In the meantime rain started falling like crazy and, because I was taking the longer way, I got so wet I didn't even care anymore. I saw people running and actually screaming (I couldn't believe somebody is so afraid of the rain). But not me. I was strolling along the square. I even caught myself smiling more than just a few times. I was genuinely happy. And more than just once, I started singing. Quietly, but I did. It was a beautiful love song. And I just walked, soaked with water, with wet hair and soaked sneakers. Now, that's something I would usually try to avoid because it's in human nature to avoid being wet in the rain, but today it just didn't bother me. And for those half an hour, or maybe a bit more, I was happy. Without a care on my mind. I think we all should experience more moments like this. And, in case you were wondering what was the song, it was "Bez tebe" by E.T. (Without you, by Electro Team).
A shot from the movie...

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