26 July, 2014

Back for a week

Hello you all :) Missed me?
As the title says, I'm back for only a week. My summer isn't over yet. Wanna hear how my vacation with my friends went? Since I chose my roommates, I can't complain about the company. I love those people and they're my best friends, so as far as the fun goes, I had plenty of it. I hope they feel the same... Now, I can't say anything bad about my time there with them before I talk to them. I don't want them to read anything they haven't heard first hand. I'm not sure is there anything to say, but just in case, I'll keep it quiet. What I'm the most proud of is the fact that I made some legit meals and lunches. I can't say I really learned how to cook, but I can obviously survive on my own for two weeks. Maybe longer, but this is proven... Next on, I love the fact that my friends love taking pictures. Posing or not, we have hundreds of photos. Some would say that's too much or even crazy, but we love photographing our moments together and creating memories. I can't wait for D. to send me photos. It will take her at least two weeks before she does that (she's not at home), so I'll die in the meantime... The weather was great, and that one night we thought was apocalypse, we had so much fun trying to survive it. Since I'm shy and uncomfortable in my own body, I'm really happy I found people that won't judge or mock me for anything. And that's why I always choose them as my companions. There's actually not much to say about my vacation. All can be sad in just few words: fun, food, sleep, swim. That's all I needed and all a vacation should be.
P.S. I just realized that keeping my real profile secret, I'm actually not able to tell you everything I wanted...
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