02 August, 2014

3, 2, 1 - Fight!

Do you like watching fights on TV? They have never been my thing. I can't understand why would anyone want to get their face smashed thousand times. I get that it is interesting and great to be in shape so people choose some sport like that. And it is absolutely great to learn self-defense. But to do it professionally... I think it's crazy and stupid. But that's just me. People find some strange satisfaction in it. Look at Cro Cop for example. I love him. I'm proud of him, but I think it's time to stop. Anyhow... Just yesterday I realized that we all fight. All day, every day. We don't get our faces smashed nor we kick somebody else's, but we fight. Emotionally. We fight with ourselves. Our minds, hearts too. And I personally think those fights are the hardest ones. Sure, I'm not going to say physical fights aren't hard and terrible. But when you think about it, bruises and broken bones will heal. Eventually. And yes, most of the times physical fights have some deeper issue, if you don't think about professional fights. But still, those wounds will heal. Wounds on the heart will take much more time to heal. There's nothing like a broken heart. And it is proven that a broken heart actually hurts. You feel real pain. This time I'm not just talking about a broken heart in a romantic way. Everybody can break your heart. Father, brother, friends... You just have to think if they are worth breaking your heart. And then you fight. You have this ongoing fight in your head while your heart pulls you to the other side. It never stops. Only few are lucky enough to know which one to follow. And these are the big stuff. But we fight over little ones too. How many times couldn't you decide whether to buy black or brown bag. It's nothing, I know, but it still makes you wonder. It makes you choose. And to do that, you have to fight yourself. I obviously have deeper issue here, so I ask you: Does it ever stop? When will I stop fighting? Normally, I would say to somebody to confront it and deal with what ever it's bothering them. I can't do that. If only would I start listening to my own advises. But no. I'll just wait in silence for better days. Don't forget that we always fight. Goal is to win without casualties. Sounds stupid? Think again! I really hope you're one of the few I mentioned before. It's funny how I want you all to have a great life and I don't even know you. Heart is a miraculous device, right?

Try to survive, will you?

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