14 April, 2016

Stop it with the "healthy"!

Hi :)
Before you assume I'm not trying to live a healthy life, I am. In my own way. Also, I do not drink or smoke which is not important here, but I just wanted to say that out loud. OK. I love food. I don't eat much food and I'm very very picky, but those stuff I eat - I love. I never look at it as a healthy or unhealthy meal because I simply love it. I do eat vegetables and fruits and soups, but I love sandwiches, pizza, french fries and food like that. And I love chocolate and chips and all of that junk food. And I don't feel bad. Why would I? But! There are so many "health-trainers" out there. Everywhere I look, everybody is expecting people to eat only cooked meat (fried is making you fat), vegetables and some grains/cereal. Are people seriously living like that? I mean, if you are, OK, but don't make me feel bad just because you're a food tyrant. I think people mix healthy and loosing-weight food. but even then, why do you care what I eat? I have a pretty balanced diet (yes, with all these junk food) and I feel just fine. I sent a photo of my dinner the other night to my friend. I was eating chips. Yes, I was eating chips for dinner, OK? And her only response was: "That's not very healthy." Thank you nutritionist by nature. I'm well aware of that. And I don't care! People were living healthy long before this and I don't see my grandparents being so strict on their diets. And they're healthy. So, it's all about the looks, right? Because you don't really care about someone's health. You care about their looks. Somehow seeing a fat person insults you. Eat apples and you're gonna lose weight. That's the whole point. Let's be honest. Being fat is one step closer to being sick, but (!) there are so many fat people who are healthy and so many slim/fit people who are sick. Even if you're trying to lose weight, you can still eat everything, you just have to be careful when and how much. But I sure won't let food or "healthy lifestyle" dictate my life. What you eat is your choice, but don't make it a holy grail and don't make all other people follow your steps. Because, even with advice on healthy eating, you're making all other people who don't eat like that feel bad. I'm taking this topic very personally because I consider myself a larger person and people telling me "that's not healthy" usually means "you're too fat for this food" in my head. Of course, that's only me and you probably know how to speak with your friends and family about this topic, but next time you say something, think about it. I think I wandered off the topic a bit, so here's the point. Not everybody wishes to eat only vegetables. Stop it. Thanks.
So, yeah...

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