21 April, 2016

All girl power or?

Hello :)
I'm sick and tired of people (mostly girls) telling me that I should change my views and opinions when it comes to girls. What do I mean? Well, most of them (some I know personally, some on the Internet) have been asking me how can I be against girls in some situations when I, myself, am a girl. How could I not? Really? You're that delusional to actually believe that everything a girl does is right just because women have been subordinated to men for so long? I'm all for equal rights and all that important stuff, but there are still girls who will attack other girls for saying a third girl is wrong. Confusing? Let me make it clear. Example. Let's say a girl is cheating on her boyfriend. And we'll assume is the perfect guy, OK? Is it right? Of course, not! But (!), there are some people who would say that she has the right to do it (and she does), but also that it is OK because she needs to feel more in control or to have more power. I don't know if I'm crazy or what, but that's not how I feel. If she is cheating, I'll consider her a bad person. If she's scheming or lying, I'll consider her a bad person. Assuming all around her are perfect. I get it that sometime women have the urge to stick together and show that they're not as weak as they used to be ages ago and they finally have a voice and can do whatever they want. I understand that and I support that. But approving anything a girl does just because she is a girl is juts plain stupid. Sometimes I get asked how could have I said she is a bitch or that if I were her boyfriend I would leave her. Well, of course I would. I can't stand watching people treating other people badly. Guys or girls. I personally don't think there's anything wrong with my opinion here. It's like I'm saying she shouldn't have a right to vote or free will. Calm down people.
What do you think about this topic? Any similar experiences?
Or not?

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