29 April, 2016

Meeting your idols!

Hi :)
(I wrote this few days ago.)
I just got back from a concert and this is ideal topic to write right now. You'll see that "idols" is a very strong word and that's not how I would describe a person I'm gonna talk about, but you'll get it.
So, I went to this concert with my friend and we saw a person we both kinda like (I'm in love, of course) and we wanted to take pictures with him. We saw he was already asked by some people so that shouldn't have been weird, right? OK, we got to him, asked for a photo and he said yes, but it was so irritated and already annoyed "yes". I mean, he is kinda a celebrity now (a contestant of a singing show). You could see that all people (male and female) wanted to take pictures with him. Not with the recent winner or anybody else. That had to mean something! And he only took few pictures before us, so you would assume he's not pissed off just yet. The way he agreed to take a picture made me feel annoyed and sad. He's half-celebrity and he's already like this to his "fans"? Not to make myself the most important human being here, but he'll make money and live his dream because of me. Because of all of his future fans. You have to appreciate it. I guess it's annoying having to smile all the time and take pictures with random people. I get it all. But as a celebrity, I don't think you can afford to show it. Keep it to your self. I'm not a person that would stop people in the street or when they're eating or sitting in a coffee shop so I think this was appropriate event to ask for a picture. Don't you? This is only few seconds of your life and to somebody, it's the best thing ever. Imagine if you met your real idol (favorite singer, actor or somebody else) and they were irritated to see you. How would you feel? I like this guy for those few songs he chose, for him being cute and for the beautiful voice he has. Luckily, I don't have stronger feelings. Otherwise, I would be pretty crushed. I'm all for famous people to have their privacy, but when you come to a concert, red carpet or something like that, you can expect people getting to you and interacting with you.
It's possible I got the wrong impression and maybe he's the nicest person ever, but I'm most likely never going to find that out so I'll live the rest of my life thinking that he was annoyed by me at the moment. Well, thanks. Just what I needed.
Do you get me? Any thoughts? 
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