05 April, 2016

Movie review: Lies in Plain Sight

So, Chad Michael Murray has been my celebrity crush for so so long. I've "met" him in One Three Hill and my love continues. That's why I looked for his other work. I knew he has something else than this TV show and Cinderella (one of my favorite movies, btw). I stumbled upon the movie called "Lies in Plain Sight". As it is romance/drama movie, it was on the top of my list.
As usual, plot has spoilers; my impressions don't and are there for you to see whether to see the movie or not.

Plot: Everything starts with Sofia getting back home from Boston for her best friend's and cousin Eva funeral. We immediately find out that Eva killed herself with a gun in her room and her little sister found her. Sofia is surprised that her cousin didn't leave any note as they spoke to each other recently and Sofia didn't notice anything strange. In fact, Eva had it all - good family, great boyfriend and, all-in-all a good life. Sofia would know it as she was living at Eva's place for the most of her childhood. (Sofia's mother dies and her father was lost for some time.) This is where Sofia turns into the detective and talks to Eva's ex-boyfriend. She also finds out that Sofia was pregnant and was about to do an abortion. She confront's Eva's, now, ex-boyfriend Ethan (played by Chad) and learns that they broke up a month ago, but haven't slept for months so the baby couldn't be his. After some time, Sophia found a tape from when she and Eva were kids. She heard Eva's father coming into her room. After this, all of it came to the place. Sophia decided to confront Rafael, Eva's father. She found him at the pool so she decided to go for a swim with him to let him know that she knows what kind of monster he really is. (This was such a weird and stupid scene!) Unfortunately, he is a strong man so he tries to drown her. Fortunately, Eva's younger sister Alexa comes and puts a stop to it, accusing Sophia of harassing her family. (Why didn't Sofia say anything to anybody?) Being so scared, wet and confused, she went to Ethan's house looking for comfort. (Of course!) Being such a great non-couple all this time, they kiss and the next thing we see is the morning after. Now Sofia finds Eva's suicide note where she confesses everything. (It's normal to sleep with your dead cousin's ex-boyfriend and the first thing you do after sleeping with each other is check under the bed for suicide note. Yeah.) Sofia goes immediately to Eva's mother Marisol who, apparently, knew about everything but decides to stop her husband by killing him with his own medicine. (This is creepy as she's telling him she loves him while he's dying...) The movie ends with Rafael's funeral and Ethan and Sophia on the cliff looking into future.

My impressions: As for most romantic movies - I loved it. There's this plot of suicide (this is not really a spoiler as it happens in the first minute of the movie) and you're kept intrigued the whole time as you also need answers. Also, there's the love plot which has Chad so, of course, I loved it. There is also a powerful story of young women and harassment and how not all of it is how it seems. It's actually a really tragic story. Also, Martha Higareda did an amazing job in this movie. But (!) I did think that first part of the movie was kinda slow and not much was happening. Also, as in most movies, there are some unexplainable and stupid scenes, but I watched it online so I skipped all the boring parts.

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