13 October, 2019

These things were cool when I went to school

I went through my phone and laptop, found some old memories. I also went through my Facebook profile and remembered so many great days, events and situations. It also made me remember all the "cool" stuff we did. Now that I think of it, Facebook could have sponsored this as these are all Facebook related things that were cool when I went to elementary and high school. So about 10 years ago.

Taking a photo of someone and them making it a profile photo. This was such an honor. I know I used to take photos and post them and every caption would be "Profile?" hoping they would pick it for their profile photo. This wasn't a matter of wanting to fit in or wanting people to like me or anything like that. Everybody did it and no matter what group you were in, it was always an honor if your photo got chosen. And, of course, that person had to write "taken by xy" in the caption so everybody would know how great photographer you are.

Facebook banners. I wonder if those would still be cool if Facebook didn't remove that feature. Banners were great because you could put random photos you loved or you could download photos cut in the perfect ratio to fit your banner. It's basically the same thing as today's cover photo, but when it first came out, cropping photos was a real struggle, but so worth it when you saw your profile.

Photo frames. So many photos back then had to have some kind of a frame. Whether we would add those random that some phones had installed or those that Facebook would provide for some big event, frames were a big thing. Also, most photos had some addition. Something like Instagram story when you add hearts or stars on the photos.


Can you remember some that were cool back when you were younger?

See you next Sunday ♥

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