20 October, 2019

Today: 20.11.2019.

Doing: I was dead tired from yesterday, so, instead of going for a bike ride and having an active Sunday, I've been at home all day, doing some work on my laptop. Nothing special.
Mood: OK. I don't know. I was good all day.
Favorite person: My mom. She's the only one I've been talking to today and we spent the whole day together so it had to be her.
Thinking about: I'm in a process of redecorating my grandparent's house, so I've been all in furniture and colors and dimensions. Can't wait to see the progress.
Missing: Definitely, sleep. I've had a crazy Saturday and today was no better, so I really need a weekend off.
Loving: The fact that I can be interior designer for a few weeks. This transformation will have to be within my budget so it won't be much, but I'm really looking forward to it.
Hating: That my TV broke down. I've had it for only few months and now something cracked and I can't use it anymore. I'm going to get it fixed, hopefully, next week.
New discovery: This time is not something you can use, but I discovered some amazing old furniture people are selling so I'm very much into buying those now.
Listening to: One of my favorite youtubers, Scotty Sire - What's Going On

How was your day?

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