15 April, 2019

Today: 15.4.2019.

Doing: I went to work as usual, got home and did a total declutter of my closet. I organized everything, folded nicely and threw away many items I no longer wear. Also, I worked out after quite a long time. It was a good day.
Mood: As it's now 11 p.m., I can say I spent my entire day in a really good mood.
Favorite person: I've been around so many people today that I don't know if I can choose just one. We're a team at work. But I'll chose one girl who had birthday so she brought cake which is a great bonus.
Thinking about: Nothing in particular. As my day was good, there are not any thoughts going through my mind; it usually happens when I'm stressed out. However, I'm thinking about buying some stuff...
Missing: OMG, nothing actually.
Loving: My job. My friends there. Easter coming. Spring coming. Good times are ahead of us.
Hating: Not having more free time? But that's not really a hate now... This situation is only temporary and it'll all be good soon. I'm currently hating that my laptop won't play any music, not YouTube not even music I have on it... I don't know what's going on.
New discovery: I can mount my phone on the orbitrek and I actually watched YouTube videos while working out which made it so much easier for me!
Listening to: Well, nothing as I have problems with my laptop, but I listened to Lady Gaga - Angel Down today...

How was your day?

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