04 November, 2018

I'm more than my social media.

I don't think this is a new topic to discuss because ever since social media started, especially YouTube and Instagram, people have been trying to make a line between just Internet world and real world. However, there are still people that suffer cause they feel not good enough or people that just don't get who other people are because all they see are social media posts. I got few comments, not mean ones, just comments, from my actual friends that they never thought I would be a social media person, the one that posts herself so much. So, naturally, I have to discuss it here...

I would say most accurate representation of my life is Facebook. I have pictures with my family and friends there and there are like 99% of people there I actually know. And I believe my family and friends are the biggest part of my life. But there's also my education, my trips, stuff I like which show my interests... However, over the years I learned not to post every single thing so, of course, there's a lot more going on in my head and in my life than what I post there. Twitter is already a weird platform that shows a whole other part of my life, but not all of it.

If you look at my Instagram, I'm narcissistic bit*h that loves herself to the point I'm arranging photoshoots to look at my self. There's some truth to this, explained in the post First, let me take a selfie..., but that's not he whole story. What I don't show there is the fact that I've been hanging out with my friends for hours prior to that picture being taken and I haven't looked at my phone once while I was with them. Not all of my friends are OK with their pictures being online so I just don't post them at all. My family too. Especially because Instagram is a lot more different from Facebook in terms of which people are following me (and who I follow too, of course). Also, I don't post my messy hair, me being a wreck when the alarm goes off at 5 a.m., me being scared I'm going to mess up at work, etc.

Another platform I'm on is Twitter. I opened that because of my blogs and now I'm glad I did cause I met some awesome people there. However, if you just look at my profile, it's usually blog promotion or random stuff from my life. Just random thoughts. It's also quite accurate, but there are no friends there, events I visited, family at all. Also, no one in real life knows about my blogs so Twitter is already a weird platform that shows a whole other part of my life, but not all of it.

Also, I always post what I love or like, but I tailor it for the "audience". I know my friends aren't into nails so I don't post them on Facebook, only the manicures I'm extremely proud of. There are a lot of examples, but I'm going to make this even longer post.

Do you worry that you sometimes portray yourself as something you're not really? Are you worried what people think of you based on your profiles?

See you next Sunday ♥

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