28 October, 2018

Why not having Netflix is a good thing

I'm not sure when Netflix became such a huge thing, but it's definitely out there now. It seems great, there are tons of movies and TV shows that you maybe would not watch ever, but are great or just great for background noise when you're at home. Netflix in my country is not a big thing. Not as big as in the UK or USA I would say. I know it's definitely here because of the young generations influenced by these two countries and the Internet and YouTube... However, I don't think older people, as in my parent's age, even know what Netflix is.

My family, including me of course, doesn't use Netflix. I know some of my friends do, but not me. There are times when I wish I could watch some TV show that's the biggest deal right now, but I never actually got the urge to install/buy it. With today's Internet, I don't have the need. There are sites that provide us with all these shows and most movies. For other, there's TV and cinema.

If I had Netflix I think the rest of my life would suffer.

I'm quite big TV show addict. I usually wait till the show has ended completely or so it has at least few seasons done until I start watching it cause I binge watch everything. And by binge watch I mean watching 10 episodes a day if I can. I'm also late with everything because of this. I started watching The Vampire Diaries when they were doing 4th season I think, Gossip Girl when they were on the last one and so on. However, I don't care. There are definitely shows I've been watching from the beginning and watch one episode a week, but that's usually not my style.

Now, how does Netflix fit into this? If I had Netflix I think the rest of my life would suffer. This now sounds like I have no control of my life which is totally not true, but watching TV shows is a big love of mine and I know I would be spending more time in front of the TV. I also don't go after the hype when the world goes crazy, like for example, for Game of Thrones or Riverdale (which I would only watch to see Luke Perry). Maybe that's why I don't miss Netflix as much. I can always find shows I like to watch somewhere online.

For me personally, I don't think I'll ever need Netflix. I don't even want it. There's so much I do on my laptop, Internet in general and on TV that I "lose" enough time. I don't need another reason or a 100 new shows to watch to stay inside. Haha. I wonder if so many people have it cause it's cool and new and you just have to have it or they actually really wanted it/needed it.

What are your thoughts? Do you have Netflix? Why? Also, recommend me some TV shows to watch! Haha!

See you next Sunday ♥


  1. Well, I don't think, I could survive without Netflix. As you know, I watch a lot of TV shows, as well, but when I went through all of the weekly ones, I need to watch something, in-between. I know, I sound like am addict, which I probably am. But I always do something while watching. Like write blog posts or also my normal work. I trained myself many years ago, to do everything while watching stuff. Otherwise, I couldn't get it all done.

    But I totally understand where you're coming from. It has taken up an enormous part of my life, which is probably not good. I just love, how I can watch it everywhere. When I go somewhere, where there is no internet, I can download some episodes on Netflix and watch them whenever I feel like it. And I have the app on my tablet on my phone, so it's running a lot. I don't think, I could ever get rid of it. I may have a serious problem. :D

    xx Hailey -

    1. Oh I totally get it. I have my 4 weekly ones and then I watch like 6 that are already finished so I can binge watch haha
      haha we can go to therapy together :D
      oh, you see, there are some shows I use for the background noise and some I actually sit and concentrate on. If I had more of the latter, I think I would die haha