18 November, 2018

Why I wear black 99% of the time

If you've been reading this blog for some time, you know I have many issues with self image and I'm usually self-conscious about a lot of things, some being very normal and natural. If you haven't been reading it, I just told you a bit about my state of mind. There's more about it under the tab "Personal posts" or label "My weight loss" which was paused, but I'm going to write more soon.

So, there are basically 3 reasons why I love wearing black. First is I sweat a lot. I know sweat is totally normal and natural body response to lots of internal and external stimuli. However, I hate those sweat stains on me! Surprisingly, I don't mind them at all on other people because I know it's normal and I never wish to shame people for having them because that's not really something you can control. But when it comes to me, I'm the total opposite. I feel like I need to stop it and hide it. Sweat is visible on all colors and also white. However, it's not visible on black. So, that's one reason.
I always wanted to hide my body in my clothes.
The other one is my self-esteem. It's world-wide-known fact that black makes you look slimmer. I don't know how our brain gets tricked, but it is how it is. Since my goal is to look slimmer, without actually dieting or working out, of course, I tend to wear more black clothes. I used to wear all fitted clothes because I didn't want to add to my fat, but I now I learned how to style some clothes and what looks good on me so I can afford to wear baggy clothes too. It's usually all black, of course.

The last reason is just a matter of time management. I usually go for black clothes because they're easier to style. I can literally wear black everywhere and to all occasions. Wearing jeans and black top is my go-to combination. I'm actually pretty good with time management, but there are times I'm in a hurry or I like to concentrate on other stuff rather than spending an hour in front of my closet.

What's your favorite color to wear? I actually really like red on me, but for the given reasons, I don't wear it often.

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