21 October, 2018

When there's too much bad sh*t in short time

Note: This post was written a long time ago. I wrote the skeleton of it and couldn't actually get my thoughts together and words to explain everything so I just left it like this. Even now, I don't know where I was going with this, but I'm giving you my raw, unedited thoughts.

Hey. Today's post is going to be about being sick, in hospital and dying so if you can't read about those stuff, stop now. OK, so...
A lot has happened regarding these topics in very short period of time, somewhere around a year. I know a year sounds like a long time, but when you have to deal with the above, whole life isn't enough. You also have to know that I'm overly emotional person when it comes to strong feelings and serious situations like this.
My dad's friend, whom I really liked and considered more as an uncle when I was younger, has passed away just few weeks after finding out he has some, obviously deadly, disease. This really messed me up because I thought about him every time I listened to one band as we were always listening to them when he came over. I somehow always thought he would be here forever and we would still have some of our inside jokes. I still think about him a lot, more than anyone expects or thinks I do.
In January of 2015 I wrote about how my teacher died (you can read about that here) and how it messed me up pretty bad. In the beginning of this year my grandma went to hospital. It was a routine surgery, but we were still very worried. Not long after her hospital visit, my grandpa had a stroke and he was in a pretty bad condition. He, thankfully, got out after few months of therapy. He's still not OK, and we know he'll never be fully recovered, but I'm just happy to have him back. And let me just tell you it's really hard being around him and knowing he's only he half of a man he used to be. He's also really struggling with all of this so it's even harder.
Next, one of my best friends ended up in the hospital. Again, it was a routine surgery and he is fine, but having to call paramedics in the middle of the night would have anybody nervous. Now I found out his mom is in the hospital. She'll be OK, definitely, but it's hard on him so it's hard on me too.
Few weeks ago, one of my best friend's grandma passed away. She was old and sick for quite a long time, but it still took me by surprise for some reason. A whole one life, really close to me, is now gone. Few months ago we found out that my brother's best friend, and my very good friend's mother had cancer and, although she was taking medications and doing everything she was supposed to do by the doctors, she was really bad and passed away. She was only 50 years old. His grandpa, his mother's father, passed away today.
I'm not sure how to end this. I don't even have a point to all of this. I just needed to share it with the world, I guess. I don't know. I wanna end this with somehow positive thinking to cherish every moment, with every person you care about.

Feel free to share any story like this if you want to. Also, if you have any words of comfort or motivation, share those as well...

See you next Sunday ♥

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