07 October, 2018

Two of my colleagues may be dating

Hi. It's currently 11 p.m. and I'm about to go to sleep, but there's something on my mind. What's a better way to think about it some more, than to write it down?
So, there's this guy... I know what you're thinking, but let me stop you right there. It's not like that. So, there's this guy I met about 7 months ago as we go to the same classes. We sometimes bump into each other while going to or from college and sometimes sit together (in a row with a 100 other people). We talk a bit. I really like him as a person. Just like that. I haven't really thought about friend-zone or future husband here. (Can't I just have a colleague?) I feel the need to really emphasize that I don't have a crush on him cause that's quite important for this story. Anyhow. Few weeks back, I noticed that he and my other colleague kinda have a thing, but it's really subtle and if I was to judge only based on what I saw, people could say that we're in a relationship too cause we all act the same in classes. However, what made me thinking is the fact that this girl doesn't really communicate with anyone and is quite reserved. So seeing them laughing and doing some stuff together indicated there may be a thing between them. Today I witnessed something that just maybe confirmed my thoughts that they're together. If this is true, I'm happy for them. But! (You had to know there was a 'but' coming...) I wonder. We all met under the same conditions, in the same environment. And if I think about it, I had the benefit of hanging out with him more as we do commute together. So, at some point she had to impress him more. Which is totally fine, but I don't understand how. (Sounds stupid, I know.) Obviously he had to make some move towards her and I wonder why that wasn't me. Get it? I'm not jealous now if they are even dating, but I wonder what's wrong with me. Haha. If he made a move towards me, I think I would follow cause I like him. But I haven't really thought about it till now. I know there's probably a simple answer like: "I'm not his type." or "They just clicked." which is also fine, but... You know... This sounds really messed up and a bit confusing, but I can't express it any better. Haha.
Basically, my question is why are guys going around me toward my friends/colleagues? This is not the first time. I know it must be me, cause they can't all be idiots/crazy or whatever you want to call them...

Comment if you understood anything here. I have a feeling I messed it up too much ☺

See you next Sunday ♥


  1. Oh I know this. And I know exactly how ridiculous you felt even writing this and having these thoughts, but they're totally normal I would say. I honestly think you were simply friend-zones. I myself was always one to get along great with the guys. But I was never they saw as girlfriend material. I hung out with them, had fun, even often had something more going on, but never anything serious. And then all of a sudden some girl comes along I thought to myself REALLY???

    Have you ever thought about just casually asking them "So, how did the two of you get to know each other?" You know, just out of curiosity. In this particular situation, I would totally want to know. But honey, please don't take it personal, which I know is super hard and easier said than done.

    xx Hailey -

    1. exactly! like how, what, who? haha
      I asked her best friend, cause I'm close to that girl, and she was like: I have no idea how this happened, we're all surprised haha
      to my own surprise I didn't take it that personally cause I didn't like him like that I guess... But I'm so glad you got me and realized that I do feel ridiculous. I was nervous about getting my point out there correctly haha