04 March, 2016

Top 4 love movies that are not so lovely!

Hi :) There are some movies which are classified as love, romantic ones. I'm here to state the opposite. Before I start anything, I have to say that I do not have anything against these movies, in fact, I loved most of them. But there's something that makes me questions their love genre. Also, some of these were books before making, so I'm referring to books too, obviously. One more thing. Not all of these are stated to be love movies by the authors or critics, but by people. And have in mind that my love story has to end: "...and they lived happily after."
  • Romeo and Juliet
I know this is one of the most popular stories out there and all talk about big love between Romeo and Juliet. The truth is this. They met at the dance, they got engaged the same night and decided to get married. Their families were so against each other they would do anything to get their own way (arranging marriage for Juliet). As the plan failed, they all died. Along the way, some more people died. So, that's a good plot for a love story...
  • Titanic
Information to all people: Titanic is not just a movie. It actually happened. OK? Good. So, Jack and Rose (Leo and Kate who we adore, btw) met on a ship. She was rich and engaged; he was poor, having fun with his friend. In just few hours, they went from strangers to lovers, promising their love to each other. The ship started sinking, they almost died inside. They got out only for him to freeze and sink to the bottom of the ocean (he could have fitted on that door, Cameron!). With only two days (was it two days?) of knowing each other and lots of death in the end, this had to be on my list.
  • Dirty Dancing
It's all happening at the summer resort. Johnny and Baby meet when Baby "carries a watermelon" and he's a dance instructor. They begin their relationship as strictly business one as they have to perform a dance. As they spend more time together, they fall in love. They have some problems with her father and accusations that he stole something. As the movie goes towards the end, Johnny leaves and comes back for the last dance. Although is's obvious they're in love (after 2 weeks of knowing each other), but they won't last. They part their ways after the last dance. (Surprisingly, nobody died in this movie...)
  • A Walk to Remember
Ah, Nicholas Sparks movie. Landon and Jamie (Shane and Mandy) meet in high school. She was invisible for so long, until Landon needed help. As they spent more time together, Landon fell in love with Jamie. This feelings and the whole relationship world was new to Jamie but she felt the same. After some ups and downs, they decide to get married so Landon could make her wish come true. It would all be rainbows and unicorns if Jamie wasn't so sick. She dies in the end and we're left with tears in our eyes. (Basically the same plot as The Fault in Our Stars.)

OK, I put this together and now I wanna rewatch all of these. I hate to say these are love movies usually for two things: these characters die or they have known each other just a bit too short for it to be a real love story. Despite all of this being said, I love these movies and I love the Johnny-Baby, Landon-Jamie and Rose-Jack relationships, I just wouldn't call it a love story. If this made any sense to you.
Let me know what you think of these movies and is there some other movie you would list here. Any feedback is well appreciated :)
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