13 March, 2016

GG review: The Waldorf's

This family consists of of Blair, her mother Eleanor and her father Harold. As the show progresses, Eleanor is remarried and she introduces her husband Cyrus. Also, Harold is remarried and he introduces his husband Roman. Of course, there's Dorota, much needed maid. As all other families, the Waldorf's seem to have it all and are presented like the perfect and powerful family in the public. As usual, the truth is not that bright.
  1. Blair. She looks tough on the outside and tries to show everybody she's not to be mess with. We meet her in her perfect world - having glamorous parties, being a boss in school and having a perfect boyfriend, Nate. Blair probably has the most insecurities out of everybody in the show. That's why she's often having fights with, mostly, Serena as she look at her as her worst competition. Also, she is pretty confused when it comes to dating. She expected to have a perfect relationship so she dated Nate, and later prince Louis (prince!). Finally she realized not everything has to be perfect so she fell for Chuck and they have a son together. I know almost everybody liked her, but I didn't. Although she protects her close ones when an outsider tries to hurt them in any way, she does too much bad stuff to them herself. There's too much scheming and lying with her. Also, although I love the fashion, she dressed like she's 30-year-old queen and not a rich teen girl. Calm down. 
  2. Eleanor. She is introduced as harsh mother and perfectionist as she is always telling Blair how to wear something. Eleanor is an elegant lady, working and owning her clothing line "Waldorf Designs". It often seemed like she cared more for everything else more than she did for her daughter. She proved that when she decided to leave her teen daughter and move to Paris with her new husband. She eventually turns around and tries to help Chuck and Blair to be together. Also, she passes her company to Blair when she finally sees Blair has a great sense of fashion.
  3. Dorota. She is Blair's second mother. She is loyal, caring and funny. She's always there if Blair needs help, even in scheming. This is why Blair trust her the most. We have seen couple of times proof that she was more of a mother to Blair than Eleanor ever was (pregnancy, Chuck, wedding...). Personally, Dorota is one of my favorite characters. Also, she is probably the only character who hasn't had enemies.

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