25 March, 2016

My friend Dora

Hello again :)
It took me a while, but I'm writing a new post to "My family and friends" series. Intro post is here.
Today I'm writing about my friend Dora. So, I've met Dora in the first grade of high school. I sat in front of her, and little by little, we started talking and getting to know each other. After a while, we started going out together almost every day after school and most of the weekends and on events that were happening. Pretty soon, we were best friends. She knew everything about me and I knew everything about her (didn't I?). I was a bit confused kid, I found problems where there weren't any and she could have easily blown me off when I started the same "problem" for the 100th time. But she didn't. She listened to all my "love problems" and bullsh*t I went through and she always found some advice for me. She is such a positive person, so optimistic. Funny, kind and helpful. Since the moment I met her till now, she has grown so much. She has become an adult and has pretty great view on the world. I'm only glad I moved in the same direction and now we can be both children and adults together. Both of us are moving on with our lives, but we're moving on in the same direction so I don't think there is a point where we fall apart. I hope there isn't. Unfortunately, we see less of each other as we went to different colleges, but I'm glad we're still paying attention to our friendship because I think we're too good to be broken by some schedule differences. She is also smart, mostly patient and understanding. I don't know what I did to universe to give me such a friend, but I'm glad I did it. We're friends for 7 years now. That's almost half of my life (it's exactly 1/3 but half sounds better). This gives me comfort and I do believe we'll stay close for a long long time. There's so many memories and as I'm writing this, I'm getting flashbacks and I'm constantly smiling. I love our moments together. There are lots of pictures (maybe too many for normal standards) of our time, but nothing is as strong as feelings I get when thinking about our friendship. I hope you're lucky enough to find somebody like I've found my friends. Also, I hope Dora has similar feelings and thoughts as I do. If not, this post is useless (haha).
So, without further ado, I love you.
Yes. And that's why we love them.


  1. Awwww! This is so sweet :D I love the quote ''now we can be both children and adults together'' <3 <3

    I'm so glad we stayed friends for so long too, and I hope we will both keep trying to see each other every once in a while (or whenever we have time) as we do now. Love youuu <3

    1. I can'r believe you actually read this hahah

      love ♥