23 February, 2016

My grandparents - dad's side

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You've had the opportunity to read something about my grandparents from my dad's side here, here, here and here. Yes, they were the ones living at my place for some time. So, as I have already written almost all I need to write about them, I'll keep this short. They left my father and his sister about 25 years ago and moved to another country. Since then, I've seen them three times. (I was to little one time, so I only remember two times.) My father and my aunt go every few years to their place for just a few days. The rest of the family never goes because we don't feel like it. We do not need to see them. They left and they don't keep in touch. Basically, they're strangers to me, my brother and our cousin. We talk every two months (if!) and I have no idea what to talk about. The call lasts about a minute and it's the most awkward minute. We usually talk about weather (great topic, right?) and what's new (there's never anything new). I don't even like to talk about them. I have nothing to say. I don't know if they're alright or not, I don't know what they're doing,... I know nothing. And, weirdly, I'm perfectly fine with it. I am aware of my father and aunt being sad about this topic so we don't even bring it up. If it's brought up by accident, they know how we feel and that we do not owe them anything. What we have with them is not a family relationship. We're basically acquaintances. What pisses me off the most is them trying to blame all of us for not visiting. We invited them lots of times, to visit, to go to our shore apartment or whatever. They never wanted to come. How is that out fault? And one more reason for them to cross the border and not us is the fact they are retired and they don't do anything. How am I supposed to quit college, job or anything else and just go? I don't want to go, but if I wanted this would be pretty hard to do. So, even though the title is "my grandparents", I wrote about two strangers. And I can't say much about people I don't know. So, here you go. One weird family relationship.
Who are you, again?

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