14 February, 2016

Being single on Valentine's Day

Hello! First of all, happy Valentine's Day everybody!!
So, how's being single on this special love day? Weird and annoying. Why? A week before 14th of February, everybody's asking what are you going to do, who are you spending it with and so on. So, these questions are really annoying, especially if you have no one and no plans and then people get on your case how's that possible? Well, it is. Some people are single. Another thing is seeing all the roses, presents and love quotes with lovely-couples pictures. Now that we have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and who knows what else, it's hard not to know if someone is in a relationship and what they're doing with most of their life. I can't say it's not a bit hard for me to see all of this just because I'm hopeless romantic. But! As I grew older I learned some things about me and I love the fact that I got through my whole life without a guy as now I know I'm a complete person and I do not need somebody to live my life. I'm not saying that I wouldn't want somebody now. (Don't mix this up universe, OK?) I get weirded out and kinda sad when I see who is in a relationship (because I know these people) and I'm not, but I snap out of it really quickly. I guess there's someone for everyone. I don't know if you got me right, but I love Valentine's Day and the message of love in the world. I just don't celebrate it as I'm single and it's hard to say I'm in love with life and nature and everything else when you're sleep deprived and stressed out and it's raining.
As for this particular Valentine's Day I'm feeling a bit down but it's not about this day. Not only. It's the fact that I didn't attend a concert I actually really wanted to go to yesterday. And now all I'm seeing is how great it was. It's also about the fact that I have about 48 of only studying as the biggest exam of this semester is coming (and I've been studying for a week now). 
And depending on your mood, pick one. (Of course that it took me an hour to remember any of these...) Let me know which one you chose to listen to! Any other on your mind? Share it below :)

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