20 February, 2016

MWL - A call for a change

Intro post here and others under the label "My weight loss".
So, after all these bad feelings, I decided to go on a diet. It looked easier than actually working out. I was on a diet for six months. I can't say if those were the best or the worst months of my life. First few weeks were a complete nightmare as I was still in school and it was hard keeping my diet on roll. Also, as I was used to eating anything I want whenever I wanted it, cutting back was a big problem. Also, I chose this horrible and awesome diet. It was great because I really did lost weight; it was really visible after some time, but it damaged my body. As I was eating only few meals for the whole six months, my whole digestive system was a mess. It was so confused I had to take pills and drink some extremely awful drinks to get my stomach and my bowels working again. This torture lasted for, approximately, a month or two. Then my organism got used to this food and my new style and it was OK from then on. (Just because I had some problems with it, I'm not going to share my diet with you as you may get even worse symptoms and I do not wanna be the one to blame.) I lasted six months and then I started eating my normal food; like I used to. Some of the weight came back, but so little I'm not even bothered by it. A big motivation for doing all of this for so long was the fact I was going on a school trip right after summer. We visited Spain and I knew there was going to be hot and we were close to the beach. I didn't want to be 'that' girl and miss all the fun because I was self-conscious. I couldn't let my body be in the way of fun. The big fun my whole class was having. Also, after we came back, there was a year of school than the last school dance. The big prom. I was dreaming of me in an elegant dress, possibly with a date (which didn't happen) just having fun and dancing. I also wouldn't feel right being bigger. So, these were my motivators. These things pushed me forward.
What I'll always remember about this period is a compliment I got from my classmates. They said I really look great, I've obviously lost extra weight and my legs look amazing. And they were so surprised because we all know it's the hardest to lose weight and volume on your legs. Me and those girls didn't hang out usually, so I was even more surprised they came up to me with this. What I'm saying, I'll always remember the feeling I had then. I was so proud of myself. I was happy. And that's the whole point.


  1. Yes, you should do the things that make you believe in yourself and be proud of what you achieved. I would just start doing it.

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  2. Hey! Thanks for the comment.

    Yeah, I'm trying to emphasize that being bigger is not a problem, it was just a problem for me. And everybody should do everything they can to be happy :)

    I'll come over soon :)
    Srbija? vidim jezik koji ne moram prevańĎat :D