07 April, 2019

My thoughts on "Where Hands Touch" movie

I saw this movie right when it came out and then I watched it again cause I wanted to write this post. So here are random thoughts I got while watching it.
  • insinuating rape will be the punishment sickens me
  • people discriminating her like this also makes me sick, but I understand it given what era it was
  • it's disappointing to imagine a better life in Berlin, but then ending up in the same shit
  • Gunther is a sweety
  • her working should have been a way out
  • I like how young Lutz wants to help his country
  • she is clueless; how is her mom more aware of her being black than she is?
  • just sign the damn papers
  • Lutz is also very polite young guy
  • that Gunther scene twisted my stomach
  • their mom is teaching them good; Jews are also humans, black people too
  • Lutz being proud of himself and his father putting him down is not OK
  • the woods scene is cute; he is sweet and supportive
  • everybody is so confused there are black people in the world
  • Lutz really wants to go to war
  • OK, you are German, but you're still different and you can't be so blind
  • OMG the hands touching scene and the kiss was so emotional
  • her mom is so sweet for waiting; she is so worried
  • her brother being transformed into Nazi and hating his sister is the worst
  • I wanted to kill the man who burned her papers of being German
  • his father is obviously smart about this war; just get through it however you can
  • them being so nervous together in his house is so cute and obviously a sign of spending the night together
  • so he hates Jews, but still think they should just move away or be useful working for the country and not be killed - that's good, right?
  • I don't know what to think about him lying about being a virgin
  • she is so in love with him
  • he is so sweet to follow her home and protecting her
  • her mom is so strong, I really felt that when they took her
  • their aunt and uncle didn't want to take them, but they took her little brother in because he is white - great parenting...
  • I will forever be confused how women could be such bitches to other women
  • this ashes scene was heart breaking
  • him being in the same camp was expected
  • and her being pregnant was also expected
  • it's a good thing he can now protect her, but also has to play tough
  • he is so ashamed to be there, but also just wants to survive this war
  • even though he is aware of everything, he is so happy to be a father
  • him threatening that girl is so weird, but also necessary
  • oh now she realizes she is black? OK, but is still stupid about it
  • I feel so bad for him actually
  • his father is also a good guy, knowing basically everything and still keeping quiet for his son's sake
  • seriously, you two have come so far to act this stupid. Couldn't you two just meet quietly? It's a mess there and probably nobody would notice. Or he could have asked for her to be his servant or a whore or something just to get her. His father could have asked as he had a higher rank.
  • and OMG the ending is so great I cried

All in all, I loved the movie. It's typical romance-war-forbidden love type, but I love those. With all happening in the movie, I can't help but think why did her mother give birth to her? She seems like a smart woman, she knew this would be happening and she should have known better that they all would be in a lot of trouble! Also, I love how fearless Leyna is, but she is also quite stupid in her actions. You have to realize you're different. It sucks and it's not fair, but if you know the situation, just keep quiet. Also, second to last thought I had is basically my main issue with this movie. I know I always need a happy ending, but I certainly didn't expect this. I was so surprised who died and how...

Have you watched it? What do you think of the movie?


  1. Hey ! Nice review. I have a confusion? Was he lying about being a virgin or about not being one? I guess he accepted later, so that means he was one right ? It was a first for both of them? Why lie though?

    1. I think he was just embarrassed that he hadn't slept with any women before her. But thinking how young they are, I don't think he should have been embarrassed at all (even if they were 40, it's your thing...). It would be much sweeter if he was just honest about it :)