16 July, 2017

"Typical girl" vs. me

You all know how there are some things 'typical girls' do, some ways 'typical girls' look or act and there's always that "Am I the only girl who...?". Of course not. I don't even know if most girls are 'typical girls', but I'm here to compare how 'typical girls' and I are similar or different.
Note: I'm not saying doing 'typical' things is wrong or bad.

  • long time getting dressed/putting on make-up
Of course I have my moments and if I really know I have the time, I'll put on my pants and then chill for about 20 minutes before putting on my shirt and this can last for 3 hours. But in general, it takes me about 10 minutes from being in bed sleeping to being fully ready to go out (and yes, I did count the time once and it took me 7 minutes from the morning alarm to me locking the doors behind me).
  • eating only salads
To be honest, I don't think I eat a lot, but I'll definitely have a burger over salad any time. I do love salads and all that healthy stuff, but people who are too careful about what they eat because "they could gain weight" are ridiculous to me.
  • wearing only heels
There are actually women who wear heels 24/7, but most of all you have to admire them for being able to do all the stuff  a person has to do in those shoes. I love wearing heels, but I'm also super happy in sneakers, boots, flip flops or anything else.
  • not getting those hand dirty
I usually have very long and painted nails so they're my biggest problem, but nothing a good pair of working gloves couldn't protect. I often help in the woods cutting and transporting trees, mowing lawns, painting fences, feeding domestic animals and so on.
  • loving only pink
You must know by now that girls do wear other colors too, right? Well, I think I own only one pink shirt which I rarely wear anyway. The last time I was properly wearing pink was about 10 years ago while my mom was still dressing me.
  • overthinking
Now, here I'm definitely a typical girl. I spend hours thinking about some stupid stuff. Don't even get me started on guys and all of those situations. I honestly wish I could reduce my overthinking and to be honest, I think I did quite an improvement in regards to, let's say, 3 or 5 years ago, but it's still not there where I would want it to be.

There could be more stuff on the list (duh!), but I remembered these on the top of my head.

Girls comment below whether you're "typical" or not.

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